Top slot machines in 2021. A great story and the best payout percentage

Developers are constantly working on new products, and each year they manage to release to the world of games not less than 80 mashyn do gier w kasynach internetowych. They include not only the new machines with some additional features, but also the classics, which still have their fans (for example, Monkey slot). List of the best slot machines in 2021 was compiled from slots, which prefer users at all online casinos. They are especially popular because of the impressive list of bonuses, have excellent graphics and versatility.

Slot machines 2021

Previously, if the one-armed machine had any glitches, it was easy to write off the lack of technology. Now, in order for the user from the first minutes of interest in the machine, the developers have worked a lot on this: they wrote the story, created 3D graphics, rendered carefully animated. Also, all the time in the games appear additional features, so that the gameplay was not monotonous, and did not bore quickly the player. After the slot passes a lot of tests to detect bugs.

At the output created the machine turns into a quality game, allowing you to spend time with interest and make money. But there is a nuance here: there are very few big jackpots in these game solutions. Now the developers believe that the big one-time winnings spin casino latest casino games live dealer online blackjack roulette mobile casino games 2021 are ineffective, and give their slot machines australia various small incentives and bonuses.

Top 10 popular slots in 2021:

  • Back to Venus;
  • Riches of Robin;
  • Aus Dem Tal;
  • Gems of Adoria;
  • Pirates Smugglers Paradise;
  • Cat Wilde and the Doom of Dead;
  • Barbarian Gold;
  • Vampire Senpai;
  • Dream Zone;
  • Wild Pops.

New features

Novelties in the world of slot machines differ significantly from the classic versions. In today’s slots special attention is paid to the visual part: the animation characters, exciting mechanics, great activity and action. When you run the slot, the user immediately sees an excellent colorful graphics. All actions in the game have a pleasant sound accompaniment.

In the system of winnings there are no changes, but the jackpot has been replaced by various small bonuses. Now the big score will not break, because it was replaced by features such as “Respin” or “Avalanche”. There is also a risk game, where double stakes are played: here the player has a significant choice (not 2 options, as before). Also increased the appearance of free spins, which forces players to bet much more often and increase their denomination during the game.

Interesting plot

There are slots with a prescribed plot – this is done to keep users interested. When the player is busy with the process of the game, from time to time he watches small videos that tell about the heroes of the slot. After learning the history of the slot machine, the user with great interest begins to play, as immersed in the atmosphere of the inner world.

Payout percentage

When the user starts to play a slot, the first thing he cares about is the payout percentage. And the popularity of the slot machine depends on this percentage. In all of the slots listed above, the payout range ranges from 95 to 98 percent. With constant small payouts do not remove substantial bankroll. If you use the demo version, you can play any slot without real bets, and see if it suits you.

Because of the pandemic, there is now a big surge in the popularity of slot machines. Many people like to spend their time at online casinos, and this makes the gambling world is now particularly popular. In this regard, the developers are doing everything possible to ensure that customers play it their slots. Manufacturers are always coming up with new features to ensure that customers choose their product, and spent their time for it.