Abominable is the first modern-day Chinese family in an animated global film. It’s also one of the rare films that stars an Asian female lead and has one of the only Asian C-Suite executives behind it. That’s why it’s the 1st family film that’s getting a #GoldOpen–to ensure that children (and adults) grow up believing that excellence (both in front of and behind the camera) is possible. Abominable not only claimed the top spot at the box office its opening weekend, but became the highest original animated opening of the year and one of only three original films to top opening weekend box office this year. The #GoldOpen movement came together for three premieres in LA, NYC, and SF for our first-ever Family Day event to celebrate the first global animated film featuring a modern Chinese family and stars a majority Asian cast including Chloe Bennet, Tenzing Trainor, and Albert Tsai. Abominable is also co-helmed by the only Asian female C-Suite executive at a Hollywood studio, Peilin Chou. With the help of countless corporations, influencers, community organizations, and nonprofits we were able to buy out and fill theaters with thousands of children and families to experience this incredibly important and historic film.