Blinded By The Light

Joy is such a rare thing these days. Unfettered, unabashed, unironic joy. But that’s the bliss that legendary Director Gurinder Chadha’s film, Blinded By The Light, gave to us and so many others—from Gold House to CAPE to O’Melveney to Tan France to Prabal Gurung to Alex and Maia Shibutani to Far East Movement to Bhavani Rao to Rebecca Sun and beyond.

It was a great privilege to support Gurinder and her mission of putting a young, Pakistani boy on the big screen to show the world that we are—at once—our ethnicity, nation, immigrant parents, and simple love of music. This joyous and stellarly-reviewed film will have a long life beyond the box office—in your living room, underneath your bedsheets, or as you cross oceans on the plane. Do yourself a favor: pull out your tissues and allow yourself the tears of joy that Blinded By The Light brings.