Let’s get down to business! On Women’s Equality Day, we’re launching #GoldOpen Premier Access to bring the theatre into your home for Disney’s Mulan. Watch live and tweet with us Sept. 4-6, enjoy cast Q&As, collect Mulan-inspired products, and support local Asian restaurants and businesses at

Mulan is deserving of a #GoldOpen because it’s a legendary story and now the highest budget Asian-led Hollywood film in history. It’s also the biggest woman-directed film ever (h/t to Niki Caro) and boasts a heavily-women led crew, notably through its Director, Cinematographer Mandy Walker, 1st AD / co-producer Liz Tan, costume designer Bina Daigler, and hair and makeup designer Denise Kum.

There’s a lot surrounding this film that we’ve spoken about but here’s our net: do your homework, support the incredible cross-continental cast, and remember that all eyes are watching this film’s performance, especially, as permission to greenlight other projects representing and celebrating Asian heritage.