Consistency Makes Movements. Parasite is the first foreign-language film the #GoldOpen movement is supporting with our full might. Helmed by legendary Director Bong Joon Ho (#BongHive) and starring Kang-ho Song, Sun-kyun Lee, Yeo-jeong Jo, Woo-sik Choi, So-dam Park, and more, Parasite tensely, incisively, and hilariously exposes one of the most prominent rifts across countries: the rift between those who Have and those who Have Not. Agnostic of your primary language, country of origin or political party, it’s becoming increasingly clear that societal disparities exist less between left and right but top and bottom. In addition to being an incredible piece of art and necessary social commentary, Director Bong is critical in showing that international directors deserve–and can achieve–both critical and commercial acclaim on international stages. As one critic said, Parasite has no genre because Director Bong is his own category. Golden Oscar statues, anyone?