Queen & Slim

Lena Waithe is the kind of cross-cultural embrace that is more critical than ever in our fractured zeitgeist. When the landmark Crazy Rich Asians debuted, it was Lena Waithe who—early on—identified its criticality to us and bought a theatre. It was Lena who, once again, did it for Lulu Wang’s The Farewell—a story that conveys the nuanced cross-continental and generational struggle most AAPIs face daily. We’re proud of the fortified strength that the Gold community has assembled over the last few years. But legends like Lena Waithe are the accelerants that make it matter more, to more people, in more places, and in so many other ways. Her recognition creates more permission. We also must celebrate Universal Pictures and Fabian Castro (SVP of Multicultural) for championing this opportunity. We know this is a small gesture. But we want you, Lena Waithe, to know that we have seen you since Master of None. We celebrated when you won your first Emmy—the first Black Woman to win for Comedic Writing. And, to be honest, were moved to shock and silence when you came to support us because you wanted to. We’ve learned; and we hope that this is the start of our education to do more of the same. So Gold Nation—this is on you to go support Lena Waithe and Melina Matsoukas’ Queen and Slim this weekend. Do it because of the rave reviews. Do it because it gives our voices permission to thrive. And do it because we all know that when someone brings a gift to your home, you’d better already have one waiting for them, too. Now let’s raise this ocean. #BlackandGoldOpen