The Farewell

Across the nation, leaders are bringing their families, friends, and colleagues to theatres in LA and NYC to ensure that The Farewell gets the #GoldOpen it deserves. If we get it this weekend, The Farewell expands to even more cities next weekend—and beyond.

The Farewell is one of those rare, award-worthy films that is, at once, uniquely Asian American while speaking to something even more universal. We often wonder: what is the Asian community’s superpower? Is it rooted in music? Perhaps it’s in a particular industry? Instead, we think our superpower is Family. It’s in how we perpetually feel indebted to our immigrant parents; in how we care for our elders; and in how we erect systems like #GoldOpen to support those who come next—for generations to come. According to AARP, three-generation American households have doubled in the last decade (disproportionately driven by the Asian and Latinx communities), which has only furthered the importance of supporting our communities—starting with our own families. Join us in bringing The Farewell home.