Writer: Adele Lim

Producer: Scott Sakamoto

Synopsis: Major Asian-themed Disney film. We can’t wait to share more 😉

Cast: Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Writer: Elyse Hollander

Synopsis: Based on and inspired by the true story of an Asian-American girl with K-pop dreams.

Director: Danny Lee

Synopsis: A documentary investigating the U.S. opioid epidemic through the eyes and experiences of millennials.

Cast: Jimmy Wong, Constance Wu, John Cho, Jimmy O. Yang, Jackie Chan, Ian Chen, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Will Yun Lee, and Bobby Lee.

Producer: Jackie Chan’s Sparkle Media, Qi Jianghong

Synopsis: A tale of discovering the greatest wish of all.

Why Open: In addition to starring a host of stellar Asian superstars, Sparkle Roll Media (Jackie Chan’s company) is producing.

Aug 18 2017
Aug 18 2017

Director: Justin Chon

Cast: Justin Chon, David So

Writer: Justin Chon

Producer: Alex Chi, James Yi, Ian Choe, Justin Chon and More

Synopsis: Eli and Daniel, two Korean American brothers who own a struggling women’s shoe store, have an unlikely friendship with 11-year-old Kamilla. On the first day of the 1992 L.A. riots, the trio must defend the store while contemplating the meaning of family and thinking about personal dreams and the future.

Why Open: The beloved Sundance hit was the first #GoldOpen-supported film, opened by Kevin Lin, Harpreet Rai, Andrew Chau, Albert Chen, Norman Liang, and Bing Chen.