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To be eligible for an official #GoldOpen, projects must meet at least one of the following criteria: the film has at least one authentically-portrayed Asian/Pacific Islander Lead and/or an Asian/Pacific Islander Director who has helmed a film that’s critical to another multicultural or underrepresented community.

In addition, Films must be feature-length and be distributed by a traditional theatrical exhibitor for a minimum of one month.* #GoldOpen aspires to support other artistic formats in the future. The #GoldOpen Advisory Council and core community determine the volume of support provided to each project.

*Given lockdowns around the world, we temporarily welcome feature-length projects that have at least one Asian/Pacific Islander lead and are streaming on a major platform including Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Apple TV, Disney+, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. A “#GoldOpen” for these projects means top-trending placement on its hosting platform or online.